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Sky Father Jupiter Zeus Deiwas Tiwaz Dia icon

He is a god of the daylight sky. He is active during the day and the Sun is his shining eye. Together with MOTHER EARTH he created the THUNDER GOD.

Words describing his real name are mostly related to the word GOD in most of the Indo-European languages.

Mycenaean Greek: Diwe, Diwo, Difei

Lydian: 𐤣𐤦𐤥𐤦‎ (diwi)

Russian: ди́во (dívo)

Czech: div

Polish: Dziw, Dziwo

Latgalian: Dīvs, Dīws

Latin: dīvus (feminine: dīva, neuter: dīvum) ("of or belonging to a deity; divine godlike, godly")

Sanskrit: देव (Devá)

Old Prussian: Deiwas

Lithuanian: Dievas

Vedic: Dyáuṣ Pitṛ́ ("God Father")

Gaulish: Dēuos

Roman: Deus

Armenian: դեւ (dew), դիք (dikʰ)

Cornish: dew

Proto-Germanic: Tiwaz

Luwian: Tiwas tatiš ("God Father")

Finnish: taivas

Estonian: Taevataat, taevas, Uku

English: Tiw

Old English: Tir

Old Norse: Tyr

Greek: Zeus

Lycian: 𐊈𐊆𐊇 (ziw, ziv, zif)

Albanian: Zojz, Zot

German: Ziu

Illyrian: Dei-Pátrous

Gaelic: Dia

Etruscan: Tinia, Tinh, Tins (Dinia, maybe from "day")

Thracians: Dionysus

Phrygians: Sabazios

Roman: Jupiter

Roman: Caelus (Kailus) ("Sky, Heaven")

Umbrian: Jupater

Slavic: Svarog

Slavic: Bog

Irish: Dagda

Hittite: Attas Isanus nepišaš Ištanu

Ancient Greek: Οὐρανός (Ouranos) ("Sky, Heaven")

Sudovian: Ockopirmus

Old Prussian: Occopirmus Ukkapirmas

Finnish: Ukko

Moksha: Viarde Skai

"All the Gauls assert that they are descended from the god Dis, and say that this tradition has been handed down by the Druids. For that reason they compute the divisions of every season, not by the number of days, but of nights; they keep birthdays and the beginnings of months and years in such an order that the day follows the night." - Julius Caesar