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Indo-European Connection LogoIndo-European Connection LogoIndo-European Connection LogoINDO-EUROPEAN  CONNECTIONIndo-European Connection LogoIndo-European Connection LogoIndo-European Connection Logo

WELCOME!  स्वागतम्!  SALVETE!  բարեւ!  до́брый день!
 SVEIKI!  χαίρετε!  WITAJ!  Góðan dag!  DIA DHAOIBH!  નમસ્તે!

Proto-Indo-European language lives on!

Latin, Spanish, French, Italian, Persian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Albanian, Armenian, German, English, Old Norse, Baltic, Slavic languages and many others will not be strangers to you anymore! Just visit the WORDS section and be amazed!

The idea behind this section is to check what are the names for certain words in all Indo-European languages and to spot similarities between them (so called Indo-European cognates). Similar words are placed into one group. That way you can see what other language uses exactly the same word for a certain thing as your language does!

Indo-European religions symbols

In the RELIGION section similarities between Indo-European cultures are observed.

Thanks to those similarities the essence of the Indo-European tradition can be brought up. Presenting gods, customs, sacred places, creatures and even historical prayers for those interested. Giving you a glimpse of who Indo-Europeans really were and who they really are.

NEWS section is simply the latest news concerning Indo-European matters.

Yamna Culture kernosovskij idol kurhan kurgan and a proto-indo-european male with a horse

The goal of the SCIENCE section is to show where Indo-European languages and peoples associated with them came from. It can be done thanks to the advancement of academic knowledge in the fields of genetics and archaeology.

Yamna, Corded Ware, Fatyanovo-Balanovo, Poltavka, Srubna, Sintashta, Andronovo, Bell Beaker, Hittite, Abashevo, BMAC, Mitanni and Afanasievo cultures are all connected and nowadays we have many proofs for that!

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