Indo-European Connection LogoINDO-EUROPEAN  CONNECTIONIndo-European Connection Logo
Indo-European Connection LogoIndo-European Connection LogoIndo-European Connection LogoINDO-EUROPEAN  CONNECTIONIndo-European Connection LogoIndo-European Connection LogoIndo-European Connection Logo

Indo-European Connection has been updated in 2020!

Indo-European Connection logo 2020

New features as of August 2020 are for example brand new favicons and faster rendering of pages.

Whole Religion page and its subpages have a new label design. Check out the Thunder God on the sides of this page. Footer received a refreshed new look too.

There are new articles available: Bell Beaker Culture, Indo-European Armenia, Indo-European Anatolia, Funeral Feast.

New Donation methods are available!

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