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Leode means humans or people in general.

This word might come from the Corded Ware Culture as it mainly appears among the Balto-Slavic and Germanic group.


Philistine (11th century BC): liudi

Russian: лю́ди (ljúdi)

Old Saxon: liud, liudi

Serbo-Croatian: љу̑ди, ljȗdi

Old High German: liut, liuti

Old Dutch: liud, liudi

Belarusian: лю́дзі (ljúdzi)

Old East Slavic: людиѥ (ljudije), люди (ljudi)

Old Church Slavonic: людиѥ (ljudije)

Bulgarian: лю́де (ljúde), лю́ди (ljúdi)

Slovene: ljudjẹ̑

Old Frisian: liūde

Saterland Frisian: Ljuude

West Frisian: lju

Middle High German: liut

Gothic: 𐌻𐌹𐌿𐌸𐍃 (liuþs), 𐌻𐌹𐌿𐌳𐌴𐌹𐍃 (liudeis)

Church Slavonic: людъ (ljudŭ)

Belarusian: люд (ljud)

Russian: люд (ljud)

Ukrainian: люд (ljud)

Bulgarian: люд (ljud)

Serbo-Croatian: ljud

Slovene: ljȗd

Ukrainian: лю́ди (ljúdy)


Old Prussian: ludis

Chakavian (Vrgada, Orbanići): ļȗdi

Old Polish: ludzie

Polish: ludzie

Slovak: ľudia

Old Czech: ľudie

Old Czech: ľud

Old Polish: lud

Polish: lud

Slovak: ľud

Slovincian: lʉ̇́d

Upper Sorbian: lud

Lower Sorbian: lud

Upper Sorbian: ludźo

Lower Sorbian: luźe

Middle Low German: lüde, luede, luide

German Low German: Lüüd, Lüü

Low German: lüüd, lüüt

Macedonian: луѓе (luǵe)


Old English: lēod, lēode

Middle English: leod, leode, led, lede

English: leod, lede

Scots: lede, leid, luid

Medieval Latin: leodēs, leudēs

German: Leute

Luxembourgish: Leit

Ancient Greek: ἐλεύθερος (eleútheros) ("free")


Gutnish: löid


Central Franconian: Löck, Leit

Konkani: लोक (lok)

Hindi: लोक (lok)

Marathi: लोक (lok)

Punjabi: ਲੋਕ (lōk)

Urdu: لوگ‎‎ (log)


Old Frisian: liōd, liōde

East Frisian: ljode

Old Norse: ljóðr, lýðr


West Frisian: lie, ljuwe

Middle Dutch: liede, lude, lie, lu

Dutch: lieden, luiden, lui


Icelandic: lýður

Faroese: -lýður (in borgarlýður, kirkjulýður, undirlýður), lýð- (in lýðveldi)

Norwegian Nynorsk: lyd

Old Swedish: lyþir


Latin: līber ("free")

Middle English: lith, lyth

Czech: lid

Czech: lidé

Lithuanian: liaudis


Latvian: ļaudis

Polabian: ľaudai, ľaudi

Slovincian: lȧ̃ʒä

Article published on the 30th of October 2018.

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