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Divine Horse Twins Castor Pollux Ashvins icon

Only one of them is immortal and the son of SKY FATHER. Second twin always dies before the first one.

They are connected to the Gemini constellation and horses.

Vedic: अश्विन् (Ashvins) Nasatya and Dasra

Mitanni: Nasatya twins

Lithuanian: Ašvieniai

Latvian: Dieva deli

Old Prussian: Potrimpus and Autrimpus

Greek: Polydeuces Castor and Pollux

Roman: Gemini Dioscuri

English: Hengist and Horsa ("Stallion and Horse")

Slavic: Dido and Dida Ledo and Lada

Polish: Lel and Polel

Sarmatian: Lebus and Polebus

Norse: Orgelmir and Bergelmir (primordial giants)

Welsh: Brân Fendigaidd and Manawydan fab Llŷr

Atlantic Celts: Dioskouroi

Naharvali: Alcis

Sicilians: Palici

According to Tacitus (ch. 43) the Alcis were a deity of the Naharvali.

Among these last is shown a grove of immemorial sanctity. A priest in female attire has the charge of it. But the deities are described in Roman language as Castor and Pollux. Such, indeed, are the attributes of the divinity, the name being Alcis. They have no images, or, indeed, any vestige of foreign superstition, but it is as brothers and as youths that the deities are worshipped. — Tacitus. Ch.43