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Sun God Svarog Svarga Swayxtix Suaixtix Saule Arinna icon

The Sun has to pass through the underworld during the night to reach the eastern horizon by dawn.

Words describing his real name are mostly related to the word SUN in most of the Indo-European languages.

Zoroastrian: Hvare-khshaeta

Vedic: स्वर्ग (Svarga, Swarga, Svarga Loka)

Slavic: Svarog Svarožič Swarożyc Zuarasici

East Slavic: Даждбог Dazhbog Dabog Dadźbóg

East Slavic: Khors Hors

Vedic: Surya

Sudovian: Swayxtix

Old Prussian: Suaixtix

Celtic: Sulis

Lithuanian: Saulė

Latvian: Saule

Hittite: Sun goddess of Arinna

Luwian: Tiwaz

Palaic: Tiyaz

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