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Dawn Goddess Eos Ushas Aušrine Aurora icon

She appears always before the SUN GOD does on the sky.

She is consistently identified with dawn, revealing herself with the daily coming of light to the world, driving away oppressive darkness, chasing away evil demons, rousing all life, setting all things in motion, sending everyone off to do their duties.

Easter is her holiday and she is associated with the planet Venus.

Vedic: उषस् (Uṣás, Ushas)

Avestan ušah

Latvian: Auseklis

Lithuanian: Aušrine

Latin: Aurōra

Ancient Greek: ἠώς (ēos)

English: Eostre

Saxon: Ostern

Old Armenian: այգ (ayg)

Slavic: утро (utro) jutro

Slavic: Zorya Utrennyaya

Celtic: Brigid

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