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In Old Breton a general name for a tree "daeru" shifted to a name for an oak.

Tar is produced by burning the trees therefore in many languages it is represented by a very similar word to "a tree".

There could be a possible connection to the word for DOOR as that object is mostly even nowadays produced from wood (chopped down trees).

The World Tree of Norse religion was called Yggdrasil and it was a mighty ash tree!


---> Ume Sami: darvvie ("tar, resin")

---> Pite Sami: darrve ("tar, resin")

---> Lule Sami: darvve ("tar, resin")

---> Northern Sami: darvi ("tar, resin")

Latvian: darva ("tar, resin")

Bulgarian: дърво́ (dǎrvó)

Avestan: dāuru

Sanskrit: दारु (dā́ru) ("wood")

Kurdish: دار‎ (dār)

Old Persian: 𐎭𐎠𐎽𐎢𐎺 (d-a-ru-u-v /dāruv/)

Middle Persian: dʾl (dār)

Persian: دار‎ (dâr)

Old Breton: daeru ("oak")


---> Skolt Sami: tâʹrvv ("tar, resin")

---> Kildin Sami: таррьв (tarrʹv) ("tar, resin")

---> Ter Sami: târrʹve ("tar, resin")

Hittite: taru, tāru

Luwian: tāru

English: tar ("tar, resin")

Western Frisian: tar, tarre ("tar, resin")

Middle Dutch: tar ("tar, resin")

Old Norse: tjara ("tar, resin")

Danish: tjære ("tar, resin")

Icelandic: tjara ("tar, resin")

Norwegian: tjære ("tar, resin")

Old Swedish: tiæra ("tar, resin")


---> Finnish: terva ("tar, resin")

---> Ingrian: terva ("tar, resin")

---> Karelian: terva ("tar, resin")

---> Livvi: tervu ("tar, resin")

---> Ludian: terv ("tar, resin")

---> Veps: terv ("tar, resin")

Old English: teoro, teru ("tar, resin")

Old Frisian: tera ("tar, resin")

Middle Low German: tēr, tēre ("tar, resin")

German: Teer ("tar, resin")

Dutch: teer ("tar, resin")

Afrikaans: teer ("tar, resin")

Swedish: tjära ("tar, resin")

Westrobothnian: tjeru, tjiro ("tar, resin")


---> Southern Sami: dervie ("tar, resin")

Lithuanian: derva ("tar, resin"), drevė ("tree hollow")

Russian: де́рево (dérevo)

Ukrainian: де́рево (dérevo)

Belarusian: дзе́рава (dzjérava)

Breton: derv ("oak")

Middle Breton: deru, derw ("oak")

Cornish: derow ("oak")

Middle Welsh: derwen ("oak")

Welsh: derw ("oak")

Old Irish: derb ("oak")

Gaulish: Dervo (toponym) ("oak")


Sanskrit: द्रु (drú)("tree, branch")

Albanian: dru ("wood, tree")

Mycenaean Greek: du-ru-to-mo /dru-tomoi/ ("treecutters")

Ancient Greek: δρῦς (drûs) ("tree, oak")

Old Church Slavonic: дрѣво ⰴⱃⱑⰲⱁ (drěvo)

Macedonian: дрво (drvo)

Serbo-Croatian: др̏во, дрије̑во, дре̑во, dȑvo, drijȇvo, drȇvo, drivo

Slovene: drevo

Czech: dřevo

Kashubian: drzéwò

Polish: drzewo

Slovak: drevo

Lower Sorbian: drjewo

Upper Sorbian: drjewo


Old English: trēow

Middle English: tre, treo

English: tree

Scots: tree

Old Frisian: trē

North Frisian: tre, trä

Old Saxon: trio, treo

Middle Dutch: tree

Dutch: teer

Old Norse: tré

Danish: træ

Faroese: træ

Icelandic: tré

Norwegian: tre

Old Swedish: trǣ

Swedish: trä, träd

Gothic: 𐍄𐍂𐌹𐌿 (triu)

DO- TO- O-

---> Estonian: tõrv ("tar, resin")

---> Livonian: tȭra ("tar, resin")

---> Võro: tõrv ("tar, resin")

---> Votic: tõrva ("tar, resin")

Ancient Greek: δόρυ (dóru)

Talysh: دو‎ (do)

Faroese: tjøra ("tar, resin")

Old Armenian: տորգ (torg) ("wooden framework, weaving, fabric, net")

Armenian: տորգ (torg) ("wooden framework")

Gazi: دار‎ (dår)

Tocharian A: or ("wood")

Tocharian B: or ("wood"), ārwa ("firewood")


Latin: dūrus ("hard, rough")

Article published on the 11th of July 2018.

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